CC File Transfer is free web based file transfer software built for people that need to transfer files PC to PC regularly. It helps you share files, photos, music and video with your friends. This file transfer program eliminates the hassles of FTP and limitations of email file transfer especially for transferring large files. The simple interface makes transferring files as easy as dragging and dropping files. It can transfer files over the Internet or LAN/home network even transfer files from Windows to Linux / Mac OS.



Doesn't it drive you crazy that to just swap a few files with your friends you'd have to be a computer expert, capable of deploying a file server, handling permissions settings, comprehending a lot of stuff you're likely to never use afterwards? How about just uploading the files you want to exchange through your web browser and downloading your friends' files just the way you'd normally download a file off the Net?

CC File Transfer is designed specifically for such purposes. Unfolded on your computer, the software becomes a host listening to file transfer connections from peer computers. Whenever someone needs to send a file to you or through you, that person would simply type your computer's Web address in his browser's address line and then choose the file to be sent and upload it just as that was uploading a picture to an online album-easy and clear. Moreover, users can do all - download, upload, remove files - via the Web interface.

No software installation is necessary on peer computers. Files can be exchanged between Windows, Linux, and Mac OS-powered computers over the Internet or a local or home network. The host software runs under all versions of Windows. Its simple interface makes the operations clear and intuitive, and the transferring of files is as easy as dropping them on the application window. It's fast, as it supports multithreaded file exchange; its security is backed up by IP-address and user credentials authentication.

The power of CC File Transfer makes it perfect for deploying as a local file exchange or file sharing Web server. Capable of serving very large, like 2G or 3G files, the software can be easily turned into a serious business-level file exchange service.

CC File Transfer, PC to PC File Transfer software, can help you share files with your friends easily: you just need to drag and drop files into CC File Transfer, then your friends can download them in browsers even upload files to you.

  • Download Files: Your friends can download files from you with web browsers or download managers.
  • Upload File: Your friends can upload files to you with web browsers.
  • Large File Transfer: CCFile makes large file transfer easily and the file size can be more than 4G.
  • File Transfer between Windows, Linux, and Mac OS: No matter what the clients' systems are, you can also download file from CCFile.
  • No Software Installation at Clients: Your friends need not to install any client software and can download files from web browsers.
  • Resume Download and Multithread Download: Compatible with most popular download managers.
  • Download Folders: CCFile supports folders browsing and zip downloading.
  • Authentication Download: CCFile supports IP-address and user credentials authentication.
  • Friendly URL: CCFile provides friendly URL services. Your friends can access your CCFile by without remember your IP address.
  • UPNP router Compatible: CCFile can detect UPNP device and setup it automatically.
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